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Getting a grasp on living with intention

Updated: May 5, 2020

If you want your life and relationships to be more successful, you have to invest in your inner management, the same as you do your careers or your relationships.

Sometimes we go through situations in our lives, particularly when it comes to relationships that things can feel really out of control and the mind and emotions easily become disturbed.

The key to this is about how you manage YOU. A lot of life really is about management, how you respond to situations - how well you manage them.

Think back to when you were 5 years old, most of life really was based around happy moments, or happy exchanges as we grow into adults we begin to realise there is a whole lot more suffering we experience considering that life for most people is in the pursuit of real happiness, so if this is the case we notice that over the span of our lives that for most people our happiness is going up and down there is so much duality, think about the last 24 hours, how much within even the last 24 hours were you truly happy? What might be the reason for that?

Everything that we are doing in life is for the most part motivated out of desire for happiness and if we aren't then we realise that on some level we are not managing things as well as we could be to increase our level of happiness.

You are motivated in careers, relationships, and various forms of entertainment or recreation but often our happiness can be fleeting.

How intentional are we to truly manage our emotional lives in a way that our happiness increases, or is it more by accident? Do we really know how to manage our own mind, emotions, our bodies, even our energy?

We are not living with intent the way we really want it. It’s more by accident.

If we don't know how to manage our mind and emotions, how do we stand to have a chance to manage our external worlds? Think about that for a moment, if we don't manage our internal world well with intention, how we will manage our relationships, careers, our goals, our lives as a whole. For most of us there is a big disconnect. When we manage things more by accident, your life will show results that reflect the same. It will be evident if you have more anxiety, or mental dis-ease, where we feel like we are not really in the flow of life.

Think about how often people talk about stress management and anxiety in relationships. Stress and anxiety is part of life at times, this is for sure but the rate in which we experience it in modern life is much much higher than it needs to be, its normalised and somehow we have come to the conclusion that life is meant to be stressful.

We are stressed and in anxiety because of how we are managing our lives and ourselves, we are not skilled in this and if you truly desire it you can live a much much more peaceful life and have more peaceful relationships just by learning improved self management from improved self awareness. One key factor is what you are choosing to focus on. The more we have control over the mind and emotions the more peaceful life becomes. It's how we perceive the stress and what we do it that is the key

What does it mean when I explain this as having better self management? What I am really saying is living with intention, with a sense of deciding the course of our own destiny so life does not feel like we are living by accident. We want to direct our lives where we want to go. If you can decide you want to live with intention it means you have decided that in your life both inwardly and outwardly that you'd like to have a particular experience, to live a life with a level of quality.

In the process of managing our own situations we often see breaks in the links in how we cope, we feel broken so we see by looking at our own realities that there is a huge need to embrace with awareness living intentionally and become more conscious and aware of managing our own mind and emotions. If you want your life and relationships to be more successful, you have to invest in your inner management, the same as you do your careers or your relationships.

If you keep doing what you have always done, often with the belief that everything will be ok, you are pulling yourself into ilusion. The only way that things will become better, more connected, more alive and more intentioned is when you take different action. And that action needs to come from an internal awareness.

If you are seeking joy, happiness, fulfillment. You can't fool yourself, to manage ones life on a sincere level it means you have to live with intention, the illusions come steady and fast - but are you tired of the illusions? Do you want true sincere joy and happiness?

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