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What is the real message hidden in your hurt?

Updated: May 4, 2020

Sometimes when I feel hurt, I am not always clear right away as to why? We are all familiar with what hurt feels like but sometimes having clarity about the real origins of hurt beyond someone else's actions can lead to us a confused space.

Hidden in your hurt, is a signal. And that signal is your greatest and most faithful messenger guiding you to the truth, your needs you mostly likely have not been fully paying attention to or exploring. You see, you have an unlimited wealth of inner awareness just for the most part we can go through experiences where we forget to use it.

Often I hear “This person hurt me so badly, I have no idea what this means, or what I am meant to do next, the hurt is paralysing".

What's the hidden message?

Hidden in your hurt, is deep loss. Loss of a dream, hope, a life, a relationship, a vision you had been holding onto. All of these things also have meaning. When we get hurt it means we have an expectation that was not fulfilled, and if we experience hurt where it is growing it may mean we had a long term expectation that over time was repeatedly not fulfilled.

If you are experiencing hurt in your life and relationships I encourage you to lean into exploring what your expectations are, and if these expectations are aligned to any "rules" you may have about your life.

Hurt can be connected to a violation of your rules or values, maybe you have violated your own rules and lowered your expectations where you are allowing the hurt to keep entering.

Maybe your expectations are at a point that no one can meet them? The essence is to explore your hurt, examine your sense of loss and your expectations with a healthy curiosity.

Taking this action step gives purpose to your hurt, purpose that will be the gateway to transcend it.

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