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Elizabeth, Sydney

After an intense break up, Alana supported me in not only healing the feelings of rejection that I had carried with me from relationship to relationship, but I found myself in a way I was able to break free from toxic patterns that kept me locked in attracting the wrong kind of partner. I broke the patterns of deep insecurity that was sabotaging me over and over and not just in my relationships. From this journey, I then met my now fiance where I feel like for the first time in my life I can really be myself. 


Brandon, Los Angeles

After my marriage ended I really needed help mentally and emotionally, I felt totally lost. Through the online program I got to the core of my problem that dramatically influenced my realization around the fears I have carried with me my whole life of being abandoned, I broke the unhealthy relationship cycles I had been stuck in for more than 15 years. I finally felt free and able to connect with my now girlfriend in a way I get to really show up. Alana's program, changed my life and my relationship. 


Luke, Alberta

Alana's coaching has totally transformed my life, my wife had left me because I was a self confessed workaholic. She had tried for years to get me to change but it never worked. It was not till she left that I realised what I was losing and my life began to fall apart. Through the sessions with Alana and the profiling that I realised why my relationship has broken down and the harmful coping styles I was living. Alana helped me get my wife back, and overcame the patterns I was living that destroyed my relationship. Im happy to say we have been back together for 10 months now and our relationships is actually better and stronger than it was before. Im so grateful to Alana for all of her guidence and support. 


Monique, Brisbane

I took the program because my marriage was at the point of near divorce. I felt like my husband and I were in a constant power struggle, that he did not understand me any more and that I felt completely shut down. By taking the program I belive that it saved my marriage. I did have to commit and do the work, but through the unique relationship profile I discovered the harmful patterns I was projecting onto my husband which made it near impossible for him to connect with me. I will forever be grateful with how this changed my life, for my husband and I but also for my kids. 


Sally, Byron Bay

The "Breaking through the Wave" program has been totally life changing. My entire adult life I have been anxious in my relationships and many of my friendships. I had felt overwhelmed emotionally in my relationships I could not connect with myself or anyone else. I was able to gain insight into my relationship profile, and break the unhealthy patterns. I am pleased to say that for the most part in my relationship now its such a minor influence, and if it comes up slightly I have the tools to be empower myself and my relationships. 


Alex, San Fransisco

The Conscious Connection program has been a break- through experience, I teamed it with Group Coaching and gained support, connection, self understanding. I feel strong and like I am living with intention. I no longer feel needy for a relationship but feel content being single while I continue to explore myself and what I really desire in life and relationships. 


Lulu, Sydney

Alana's one on one coaching helped me recover from a Narcissistic relationship. After that I then did "Breaking through the Wave" program. I discovered the patterns and parts of me that has attracted and allowed my ex into my life. I went from feeling stuck and fearful that I would never recover, to no longer living with anxiety and fear of being alone. I feel free for the first time in so many years and Im excited for the future. 


Andi, Sydney

I have done both the "Breaking through the Wave" and the Conscious Connection" programs. They are both so dynamic and trult life changing. I learned more about myself in these programs than I have in years of therapy. The were nurturing, but also pushed me to see parts of myself that just really needed to be seen. I laughed, I cried, and I connected. If you are feeling stuck, disconnected and looking for "the shift". I can recommend both of these programs. 

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