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Join me for a 8-week journey into the heart of your relationship patterns! In this program, you’ll learn how to heal your relationships through self-awareness and your unique relationship profile. You will learn how to truly love yourself through the vehicle of radical self-acceptance; how to decode and heal your relationship patterns; to remove blocks that sabotage your ability to find or keep love; and much much more…







I'm here to help you create the relationship you want, in doing so, create a pathway to deep healing, spiritual connection, and unparalleled expansion to truth and your real identity. 

Even as a small child, I dreamt of becoming a relationship coach, being able to help people overcome their wounds and limitations. As a 12 year old I was obsessed watching the Oprah Winfrey show, reading biographies of people with severe trauma which led me to diving deep into learning about human suffering. I knew from a young age exactly what I wanted and why. I wanted to understand people and all of their layers to arrive at a place of self acceptance and transformation. 

After becoming a certified life coach and committing to 10 years of being personally mentored by some of the greatest spiritual teachers, I wanted to understand all possibilities for what being in a relationship could mean. Fueled by an insatiable curiosity, my personal life has served as the most powerful education money couldn't buy.

I became a full blown Relationship Anthropologist, and researcher. This incredible journey inspired me to dedicate my life to this work. It led me to my deep passion for uncovering the core patterns we all have which led me to create an individually tailored, unique, deep and profound profiling system that gives the people I work with a chance to understand what they do and why they do it, leading to a clear pathway for self acceptance and transformation. 

I learned to connect the worlds of information and ancient wisdom in the style of coaching that is dear to my heart and at the core of my programs. 

My coaching work is entirely a reflection of my journey. From a place of total acceptance and expansion, I help individuals and couples come together in a connected, conscious union. I will not settle for the popular cultural belief that long term partnership means stagnation- there is always a door to open and I know how to help you find and open that door.

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