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save your Soul-fulL marriage

take your relationship to the highest levels of connection 

trust and real soul-fulL love

No matter what our situation in life, an intimate relationship is a powerful force that can ultimately influence the level of happiness and joy we experience each day. That’s why Alana Rowe has created SoulFULL Relationships: Your Journey to Lasting Connection and Fulfilment, a program designed to help you create or rekindle connection and reach astounding levels of intimacy in your most vital relationship! Whether you’re already in a relationship or looking for someone special, Love and Connection will open up your heart so that you can create the extraordinary relationship you desire and deserve.


You’ll discover:

·       How you and your partner can become partners for life

·       How to create deep and lasting trust and security

·       How creating connection solves your most difficult problems

·       How to feel and behave in an empowered way when you desire your partner to change but feel helpless

·       How to love by giving and doing, not just saying

·       How you can use challenges to deepen your relationship

·       How self realisation is the vehicle for transforming your relationship to its highest potential

·       How to effectively communicate

·       How to strengthen your bond with your partner — even in times of stress

·       Divorce prevention

·       How to repair your relationship when the trust has been broken

The SoulFULL Relationships program was born out of a growing trend I observed where many of my clients had already tried marriage/relationship counselling or therapy either as a couple or as  an individual  and actually experienced growth in their problems, simply put they were more frustrated, burnt out and unhappier after getting help.


I also noticed that what was having a profound impact on improving relationships is when the individuals took responsibility for their own individual happiness within themselves and then they were sincerely able to give from a deeper richer part of their nature. It was a WIN WIN opportunity, they reached deeper levels of individual happiness and happiness with each other and the marriage began to thrive again. 

The SoulFULL Relationships program uses an alternative method to the mainstream that has a profound impact on the quality of your relationships and family life,  when you first got together your relationship developed out of connection not resolution of problems, so for a marriage to thrive again first we must focus on connection and not problems, it may seem counter intuitive but its also natural.

Increased connection creates a foundation to deal with any problem couples experience no matter how big or small. Connection breeds qualities like patience, compassion, gratitude, service, and real love these are the very qualities we need to overcome problems. It doesn't mean that the problems aren't real and don't need to be resolved with but it means we strengthen the dynamic individually and as a couple before taking on the big challenges to get sustainable and lasting change and growth. 

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